Meet the woman

who started it all...

I'm Jen! Filled with culture, spunk, and coffee, I live for all things creative, and love helping others discover their own creativity through collaboratively designing, styling, and decorating their homes.


Having lived in both France and Sweden, I am multilingual and my passion for learning has led me to earn multiple degrees including a Bachelor of Arts, Juris Doctor, and Master of Education. Years later, as many New Englanders do, I returned home to my roots to raise a family. 


I enjoy making the world around me beautiful and intriguing through creative processes, including design and painting, and I can often be found doing both regularly in and around my own home! I'm perfectly happy creating a completely new vibe in one room before getting an amazing idea and starting all over again! After all, truly great design is an ever-evolving experience. Life is all about change!

The philosophy I always try to follow in my work is best described as creative and holistic design. I want to inspire my clients to cultivate and nurture their own creative instincts. It is always my goal to build spaces with elements of unique style and the natural world in order to design homes that both reflect my clients' individuality and inspire tranquility and wellness.