Say goodbye to generic home decor.

 Jen Dorsey Studio sources and reinvigorates

sustainable one-of-kind furniture, custom eco-friendly home decor, and offers artisan-made and vintage items that promote environmentally-conscious values without sacrificing style.

Don't buy mindlessly. Shop with purpose.

Sick of shopping the mass-produced home decor industry and supporting wasteful business practices?
By purchasing upcycled furniture and decor created through sustainable, environmentally-friendly means, you not only add higher quality, one-of-a-kind pieces to your home, you also get to put your money where your values are. 


All furniture is upcycled, materials enviromentally-friendly, and reinvigorated with the health of the world in mind.

original style

By choosing custom-designed pieces and decor, you're also choosing one-of-a-kind style that makes your home uniquely you.

vintage delights

Jen uses her designer's eye to curate interesting and unique finds for the home from all over. Browse home decor you didn't know you need! 


This sustainable practice not only adds rich history and unique perspective to any space, it's also a way to accent your home with custom, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Upcycling refers to the reimagining and refurbishing of a pre-loved item, which results in both increased value and quality, as well as a totally distinctive and updated piece. Jen Dorsey Design specialized in the art of upcycling, offering thoughtfully sourced older pieces the chance to be revived and cherished in the right home.

customize your home

Jen Dorsey believes a home is both an extension and expression of one's wellness and quality of life. So let go of filling your spaces with "stuff" that lacks intention and mindfulness. The backdrop of your life is so important - and it should be as soulful and beautiful as your are. 


Check out Jen's variety of hand-painted furniture, vintage home decor finds, and curated creations from artisans that believe in the same sustainable practices as we do. 

JEN'S favorite things


Decorative Canvas Bags

Tidal Wave Blue Dresser


End Table

note from a happy home

Thank you so much for this beautiful dresser. It puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. I call it my 1001 nights fairy tale dresser. You are very talented. It looks like everything you touch turns into beauty. I love all the things I saw in your atelier, if I just had the space!

Fariba Y.


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