Coffee Table Facts, Figures, and Inspo!

I can’t imagine life without coffee . . . or coffee tables! Let’s face it, since Americans drink about 400 millions cups of coffee every day (146 billion cups of coffee every year!), we need a specific place to put this precious potion. What better spot than on a low table in front of a sofa?

E.W. Godwin created the first coffee table in Britain in 1868. The small, tall table designed to help serve drinks in a lounge, however, bore little resemblance to today’s coffee tables. But due to Anglo-Japanese style influences (i.e. low tables) popular during the Victorian era and coffee replacing tea as the U.S beverage of choice, the coffee table has evolved into a staple of American interior design.

Coffee tables now come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there are some general guidelines.

  1. Coffee Tables are typically 18" - 19" inches from the floor. They should be the same height as or 1-2 inches lower than the height of the sofa cushions.

  2. Coffee tables are typically placed 16-18 inches from the sofa. This distance allows for sufficient space to move between the table and the sofa and to reach the table from the sofa.

  3. Coffee tables should be ½-⅔ the length of the sofa.

Below are some favorite coffee tables images I snagged from Pinterest's endless supply, so grab your favorite cup o' joe, put your feet up, and be inspired!

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